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Things, Persons and/or Entites Which Can Travel In Time in Doctor Who



A Pedant’s Guide For Better Fanfiction


TARDIS, as developed by Time Lords

Osmic Projection, used by the Sontarans (limited)

Time Cabinet of Magnus Greel, via 51st Century human technology

Time Scoop, a form of third party temporal projection (limited, easy to get stranded)

Time Corridor technology, as used by Osirians, Borad, and Daleks (range unknown)

Time Windows achieved via warp drive (as seen in Girl in the Fireplace. Note: warp drive accidents can result in accidental time travel.)

Rift Manipulator, used in conjunction with a temporal rift (limited in terms of control, range unknown)

Vortex Manipulator, via 51st Century human technology, (inaccurate)

Time Converter, via fissures in particular points in time (limited)

UNIT Time Machine, made harnessing power from a dying TARDIS (range unknown, accuracy possible to within at least ten minutes of intended destination-time)

Dimension Canon, from Pete’s World Universe, appears to have time traveling - or at least time projection - capabilities as well)

Chula Warship (range and accuracy unknown) x

-Time Traveling Species, Institutions & Individuals-

Time Lords, via TARDIS or occasional temporal teleportation and other methods (includes The Doctor, The Master, The Rani, The Corsair, Romana, Susan Foreman and others)

TARDISes (unlimited, unknown if possible without Time Lord intervention)

Daleks, via Time Corridor technology, Emergency Temporal Shift

Imperial Daleks under Davros, method unspecified

The Sontarans, via Osmic Projection

Torchwood, via Rift Manipulator

Time Agents, via Vortex Manipulator

UNIT, via harnessed TARDIS energy when available

Weeping Angels, possibly via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

Chula, via time-traveling warships

Rose Tyler, via Dimension Canon (apparent)

Captain Jack Harkness, via Vortex Manipulator

Biological Metacrisis Half-Human Doctor, via grown TARDIS (deleted scene, RTD canon-confirmed)

Sarah Jane Smith, via Time Converter (limited)

Osirians, via Time Corridor technology

Borad, Time Corridor technology

Magnus Greel, via Time Cabinet

Eight Legs, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

K’anpo Rimpoche, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

Bilis Manger, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

Transcendental Beings, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

Fenric, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

Fairies, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

The Trickster, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

Adrozani trees, via Self-Induced Temporal and Spacial Teleportation

-Natural Phenomena That Can Facilitate or Lead to Time Travel-

Cardiff Rift

Other Space/Time Rifts

Time Storms

Time Winds

Chronons (time particles)

Mirrors (in conjunction with faster-than-light speeds)

Compassion, originally Laura Tobin, technically a type 102 TARDIS but doesn’t always identify as such

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i dont understand ppl in relationships who are like ‘she/he’s my whole world’ like dont u got hobbies

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favorite people: Sebastian Stan
”Embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. Eventually, they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.

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you’re just clara, aren’t you?

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Doctor Who Series 7 + Silhouettes

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good evenin’, here are some serious thoughts on long hair

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Series Three + Scenery

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Karen Gillan at the “Guardians of the Galaxy” premiere in Hollywood (x)

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Rosé Sorbet

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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Clara Oswald + s7[53/?]

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The only thing worse that being stuck in a hole, is to have bad poker jokes thrown at you on today’s new Doctor Kawaii. 


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